Per Jansson, D.D.S
Managing Director 
Per has been involved with the medical industry for more than twenty years in leading positions. He has managed research based start-up companies to successful developments in both clinical and commercial terms. 

  Johanna Gräns, Ph.D
Regulatory Affairs Associate
Johanna has a background in pharmaceutical metabolism in which area she did her PhD at the University of Gothenburg. Johanna has a suitable scientific background and brings experiencein preclinical interpretation. She has be assigned the responsibility to produce and refine vital parts of the regulatory documentation for C21.
   Lena Lindblad, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. 
Project Leader
Lena has a background in receptor pharmacology and has ten years of experience in product development in the biotech industry. She has initiated and coordinated extensive biological research programs and has recently been assigned the responsibility to coordinate the preclinical regulatory program in Vicore Pharma
   Nina Carlén
Marketing and Communication
Nina has more than 10 years experience working within marketing and related areas within the pharmaceutical industry. 
  Anders Ljunggren, B.Pharm.
R&D Consultant
Anders has been working with cardiovascular projects in the pharmaceutical industry for over 30 years. His main interest is the renin-angiotensin system with long experience from preclinical and clinical projects involving both ACE-inhibition and angiotensin receptor blockade.